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Concurrent Engineering for electric propulsion and orbital dynamics

Understanding propulsive requirements for low-thrust maneuvers during preliminary design phases is hard! Most tools have you choose between fixed propulsion systems, leaving you to figure out if they are right for your requirements. No more!

GO is a free software that provides engineering support to space mission designers, propulsion engineers and satellite operators. It solves the “inverse propulsion problem”, allowing you to choose first the satellite characteristics and required maneuvers and then output an optimal propulsion solution.

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Client driven, economics oriented

We think our propulsion systems will push you to new heights… but don’t take it from us, here are a few case studies performed in partnership with world-leading companies.


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Looking for a more advanced study?

We’ve got you covered. We can design your thruster concurrently with subsystem-level constraints and plan mission operations through our in-house high-fidelity mission analysis tool

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