The Space industry needs propulsion. BETTER PROPULSION.

ion (n.)

1834, introduced by English phycisist and chemist Michael Faraday (suggested by the Rev. William Whewell, English polymath), coined from the greek "ion", neuter present participle of ienai, "go," from the root "to go", so called because ions move toward the electrode of opposite charge.

Douglas Harper Etymology Dictionary

ienai SPACE was founded with a mission to change the way the on-board electric propulsion market operates. We believe that clients should not be forced to build their spacecraft around a small number of available propulsion products, but that these systems should adapt to the constraints and requirements of each individual mission.


At IENAI SPACE we stand committed to fostering a workplace that champions gender equity, not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it is vital for the success and growth of our company as we explore the vast reaches of space. Gender equity is not just a buzzword; it's a fundamental value that we will uphold at every level of our organization. We firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are essential for innovation, progress, and ultimately achieving our mission of expanding humanity's presence beyond our planet. -> If you're interested to know more, please check out our Gender Equity plan here!


Our goal is to remove entry barriers for the adoption of electric propulsion technologies in the smallest of satellites, providing platform manufacturers and integrators with the tools necessary to understand their propulsion requirements, and the best possible hardware to address them.

Active job openings

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Would you like to be a part of our team and contribute to groundbreaking advancements in space technology? We are always looking for talented individuals who share our passion!

If you believe you would be a good fit for our team or have skills and expertise that could contribute to our mission, we would love to hear from you! Let's aim for higher orbits together by reaching out to us at:


We’re looking for a microfabrication specialist with a passion for Space to carry out an industrial PhD within our company! You would join our team in Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica (CNM), Barcelona, Spain. Apply now!

Our Rockstar Team

Who said that space should be boring?

The founding team are doctoral graduates from the Electric Propulsion and Plasmas group at UC3M and were first recognized for their groundbreaking contribution at the 2017 35th International Electric Propulsion Conference. Since then, the team has grown to carry out the vision of concurrent design for propulsive missions and systems and the drive to bring a revolutionary new product to the space market.

daniel perez
Dr. Daniel Perez Grande

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, spent his entire career trying to build the largest rockets possible. Tough luck.

sara correyero
Dr. Sara Correyero Plaza

Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder, aspiring singer, vows to retire when one of her songs becomes a satellite handshake.

Dr. Mick Wijnen

Chief Technical Officer & Co-founder, half man, half engineer, half robot. 87% Dutch.

Dr. Javier Cruz Pérez

Chief Science Officer, studied forestry engineering, ended up making very tiny hills and rivers.

francisco berlanga
Francisco Berlanga

Chief Financial Officer & Business Developer, turned a bunch of geeks into respectable businessmen.

Borja de Saavedra García del Río

Industrial PhD in Space Propulsion, A.K.A. big foot.

Francisco José Blazquez Plaza

Lead Electronics Engineer, always first to warn about Alien invasions.

Brandon Escamilla

Mission Analyst & Software Developer, from Mexico to the Moon and beyond.

David Villegas Prados

Industrial PhD in Space Propulsion, best DJ this side of the asteroid belt.

Giuseppe Di Pasquale

Industrial PhD in Mission Optimization, has croquetas-shaped blood cells.

Gema Arboleya Martínez

Project Engineer, would take a Rocket to NY for some quick shopping.

Raúl Ramos Tomás

Industrial PhD in Nanofabrication in collaboration with CNM-CSIC, should have grown up in the 80s.

Dr. Daniel González Arribas

Senior Mission Analyst, on a lifelong quest to shrink the numbers on the computer screen.

Alberto Alonso Gonzalez

Project Manager

Dr. Abdul Raouf Atif

Microfabrication Specialist

Álvaro Perez Torrejon

Electronics Engineer

Gianni Pecora

PhD Candidate Mission Analyst

Jordan Morales Prieto

Electronics Engineer


Want to be our next candidate? Shoot us an email at


Keep up with the latest developments by ienai SPACE. It really is rocket science!

ienai SPACE closes 1m€ seed round, lead by Inveready

" La gestora de capital riesgo Inveready, con sedes principales en Barcelona y San Sebastián, ha liderado una ronda de financiación de un millón de euros en la firma madrileña de propulsión de nanosatélites Ienai Space. "

ienai SPACE awarded with the Best Idea Prize at Madri+d XIII Edición

Daniel Pérez: "Ienai Space es una empresa de motores cohete. Simplemente hacemos motores cohete que van embebidos en los propios satélites. Nuestro objetivo es permitir que los pequeños satélites sobre todo, satélites por debajo de los 10 kilogramos, tengan acceso a sistemas de propulsión a bordo que les permitan maniobrar una vez en órbita, una vez que han sido desplegados del vehículo lanzador".

ATHENA receives the second prize in the 1st GALACTICA Hackathon

"The development of new industrial value chains towards higher added value products is crucial to increase the competitiveness of textile and aerospace industries. The 1st Hackathon has contributed to find new early-stage ideas that combine advanced manufacturing with aerospace and/or textile."

Inaguration event of MINSC: “Madrid Innovation and NewSpace Cluster”

"Nace MINSC, el primer consorcio de empresas madrileñas enfocadas en la nueva carrera espacial, integrado por cinco startups y cuyo objetivo es afrontar los retos y oportunidades de lo que se ha denominado «nuevo espacio»."

ienai SPACE, one of the 23 spanish actors planning to put a constellation of 30 Earth observation satellites

"The satellites will include novel propulsion systems, a generation of observation cameras with integrated Artificial Intelligence, a high bandwidth communications system or the integration of applications with terrestrial and satellite Internet of Things (IoT) services, among other elements."

III Congreso Nacional de Ingeniería Espacial

ienai SPACE participated in the propulsion board of the III Aerospace Engineering Congress of Spain.

Sara Correyero: “Necesitamos más emprendedoras sin miedo al fracaso”

Press release of our COO Sara Correyero: "We need more women entrepreneurs without fear of failure".

ienai SPACE has been selected to join the European Business Incubation Center in Madrid (ESA-BIC Madrid region).

La apuesta madrileña para acabar con la la basura espacial

Listen to our COO Sara Correyero in Cadena SER talking about how we plan to reduce the space debris!
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