ion (n.)

1834, introduced by English phycisist and chemist Michael Faraday (suggested by the Rev. William Whewell, English polymath), coined from the greek "ion", neuter present participle of ienai, "go," from the root "to go", so called because ions move toward the electrode of opposite charge.

Douglas Harper Etymology Dictionary

ienai SPACE was founded with a mission to change the way the on-board electric propulsion market operates. We believe that clients should not be forced to build their spacecraft around a small number of available propulsion products, but that these systems should adapt to the constraints and requirements of each individual mission.


Our goal is to remove entry barriers for the adoption of electric propulsion technologies in the smallest of satellites, providing platform manufacturers and integrators with the tools necessary to understand their propulsion requirements, and the best possible hardware to address them.

Our Rockstar Team

Who said that space should be boring?

The founding team are doctoral graduates from the Electric Propulsion and Plasmas group at UC3M and were first recognized for their groundbreaking contribution at the 2017 35th International Electric Propulsion Conference. Since then, the team has grown to carry out the vision of concurrent design for propulsive missions and systems and the drive to bring a revolutionary new product to the space market.

If you'd like to join our team and go to higher orbits, email us at:

daniel perez
Dr. Daniel Perez Grande

CEO & Co-founder, spent his entire career trying to build the largest rockets possible. Tough luck.

sara correyero
Dr. Sara Correyero Plaza

COO & Co-founder, aspiring singer, vows to retire when one of her songs becomes a satellite handshake.

Mick Wijnen

CTO & Co-founder, half man, half engineer, half robot. 87% Dutch.

Dr. Javier Cruz Pérez

Microfabrication Lead, studied forestry engineering, ended up making very tiny hills and rivers.

francisco berlanga
Francisco Berlanga

CFO & Business Developer, turned a bunch of geeks into respectable businessmen.

Borja de Saavedra García del Río

Industrial PhD in Space Propulsion, first ienai SPACE employee, enthusiastic and versatile engineer.

Francisco José Blazquez Plaza

Telecommunications Engineer, from Baeza to Space.

Brandon Escamilla

Mission Analyst & Software Developer, from Mexico to the Moon and beyond.

David Villegas Prados

Industrial PhD in Space Propulsion, developing cool diagnostics to characterize ATHENA's performance.

Giuseppe Di Pasquale

Industrial PhD in Mission Optimization, and Local Winner and Global Nominee International NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020.

Gema Arboleya Martínez

Internship - Propulsion and Control Engineer

Raúl Ramos Tomás

Physicist - Micro/Nano Fabrication specialist


Want to be our next candidate? Shoot us an email at